• Monday-

    • We had a Do NOW where we reviewed Biotic and Abiotic factors see attachment at bottom of page
    • Read Ch. 1-3
    • HOMEWORK:  answer questions 1abc, 2a, and 3b from p. 31 in the book.  Place the answers on page 50 of your composition book.


    • Graded p. 31 1abc, 2a, 3b
    • Assigned p. 39 ?'s 1-6 to be put on p. 51 of your comp. book
    • Assigned the Interactions Among Living Things Graph


    • Graded p. 39
    • Read Mistletoe, Birds, and Trees from the Daybook and started answering questions about the different symbiotic relationships. 


    • Grade the Interactions Among Living Things Graph
    • continue with the Mistletoe, birds, and Trees symbiosis article
    • Have each table come up with a hand symbol or gesture that represents mutualism, commensalism, parasitism.


    • We read Ch. 2-1 out of the ESPH book
    • HOMEWORK:  to finish the first three pages of the green Ch. 2 packet.  Pages 20-22.