• Monday- 

    • Yellow Rock Cycle page DUE
    • We played Rock Cycle Charades



    • Watched Bill NYE- Erosion
    • Wrote what they could do to help make class run more smoothly after several students were having a hard time settling down, so we could learn.
    • HOMEWORK:  alternate pathways worksheet- where they have to read the 2 different scenarios and answer the questions that go with it.  PLACE answers on the back of the paper. 


    • Mountain Age
    • Read ch. 2.1 in the Earth's changing surface book (ECS)
    • Make sure ISN p. 70 is pictures of the 3 different rock types and how they formed; p. 71 is the notes page from the rock pyramid project; and p.72 is the Yellow rock cycle wksht. 
    • HOMEWORK: the first page of the study guide (due Monday)
    • HOMEWORK:  the MAD from p. 44 in the Earth's Changing Surface textbook- place the answers on p. 74 of your ISN


    • Read Ch. 2.2 Soil
    • Then watch the Brainpop about Soil
    • THEN read the green Soil packet
    • HOMEWORK:  Finish reading and answer the questions in the green packet.  Don't forget the Yellow study guide Front Page about Rocks is DUE Monday also!!