• Monday-

    • Watched the TLC video "Trail of Tears" answered questions about it- See attachment at the bottom to view the video and the second one for the questions
    • Reviewed for the Indian Removal Essential Learning test again
    • Took Essential learning #4 Indian Removal


    • Collect the video questions
    • Grade Essential learning #4
    • Pass back papers
    • Update our list of presidents in your spiral notebook.  Use p. R19 from the index to draw a picture and copy the information about each president from Jefferson to Jackson.  So, #3-#7.  You can put 2 on each page.  Please make the picture big and clear enough that I can read it!!


    • Start the Election of 1828 simulation
    • Candidate Survey- Opinion poll
    • Receive roles and assignments
    • Start working on roles/assignments
    • See Mr. Murphy's site for attachments


    • Work on election of 1828 simulation assignments the whole time
    • No homework AS LONG AS you used your class time because you should be done with the assignment.


    • 3-4 minutes each party presents their campaign slogans, etc.
    • 3-4 minutes for each party's speech
    • 1minute for each group's follow up questions
    • Then we vote