• Monday-

    •   SNOW DAY


    •  SNOW DAY


    • Scientific Inquiry AFL
    • Study Guide for scientific method and experimental design test  DUE Friday
    • Do the Practice assignment based on what you missed on the AFL
    • Start the yellow packet for chapter 2 ?'s 1-9


    • Read Ch. 2 section 1 as a class and then finish that section in the yellow packet for homework.
    • Start working on Ch. 2-2 if time. 


    • Study Guide DUE  Test is next Thursday the 20th.
    • Grade Ch. 2-1 yellow packet pages
    • HOMEWORK:  YELLOW packet section Ch. 2-2. pages 48-53 in DUE WEDNESDAY.
    • ALSO BE THINKING about how humans impact the environment- oil spills, air pollution, plastic bags, electronics, garbage, etc.