• Monday-

  • No School


    • Read p. 22-23 Science and Society  and answer the You Decide ?;s on p. 101 of your ISN.  
    • HOMEWORK:  Interactions of Living Things wksht.  See science attachments for copy. 


    • Go over the homework and discuss the information and then make a hypothesis about the Kaibab deer population in Arizona. 
    • HOMEWORK:  LISTEN to the news or look up information about the mysterious animal deaths that have happened lately.  The birds in Arkansas, Louisiana, and the sardines in Brazil.  I hear MSNBC has information about them. 



    • Took Notes over Scientific Inquiry Definitions/Vocabulary see science attachments folder
    • Opportunity for Girls interested in science to go to 4 different workshops at Union Station.  See attached registration form.  ONLY $5.00.


    • Work on Scientific Inquiry- read several different scenarios and have students identify the parts of the scientific method.