• Monday-

    • Graded p. 84 p. 1a, 2ab, 3c; p. 89 1abc, 3ac; p. 102 2b; p. 144 1b, 2ac, 3b; p. 151 1a, 3b


    •  We graded the Respiratory System and bypass worksheets. 


    • Read p.  176-180 Answer ?'s 1a, 2a, 3ab Then read p. 182-189 AND answer ?’s 1ABC, 3AC, and 4AB BOTH of these Assignments go on p. 141 in their ISN.   


    • Grade the questions
    • Watch Bill Nye Eyeball video and read about the eye in the book.


    •   No class today.  Civil War Guest speaker; STUCO speeches and elections; One Act plays for Mrs Shutes classes.