• Monday-

    • Go over the Crazy Traits lab questions
    • Tell what the difference is between Mitosis and Meiosis
    • Discuss Sexual and Asexual reproduction


    • Early OUT -  Explore Test 


    • Added our new table of contents and made sure to update the old one. 
    • HOMEWORK:   on p. 70 of your ISN write a full page using complete sentences and proper paragraphing about what you've learned so far this year in science class. 
    • Read: Mutations form p. 102-103, jotted notes down on p. 73 of ISN


    • Read as a class-ch. 4-1 p. 110-116, glance at p. 118 genetic disorders, ch. 4 p. 124-128;
    • Talk about scientific method; Observations then skim p.  139-145,174-175, 178-181


    • Wrap up with the Cells and Heredity book. 
    • TEST over the Cell organelles!!