• Monday- 

    • We Reviewed our learning of Earth's interior with a writing assignment.


    • Early out- we played a game reviewing the types of plate boundaries and Earth's layers, etc.


    • We started to talk about Minerals and Rocks.  Did a T chart on p. 64 of their ISN of what they already knew or thought they knew about rocks and minerals.
    • Watched 7 minutes of The Hard facts about Minerals: and took notes
    • Then watched and Mineral Identification Brainpop and filled out the vocabulary for it.


    • Read ch. 4.1 Properties of Minerals in class
    • HOMEWORK:  Complete the entire Guided Reading packet over the information we read today in class.  P. 114-122 in the text.   


    • In class we Read Ch. 4-2;
    • HOMEWORK:  Answer questions 1-7 the Math Analyzing Data from p. 119.  Place your answers on page 65 in your ISN. 
    • ALSO WATCH THE DEADLY CRYSTAL video from the home page.