• Monday-  

    • Go over the answers to the Theory of Plate Tectonics Section Summary and REview and Reinforce
    • Go over the answers to the Study Guide see attachments
    • ALSO check out the US Geological survey website for more information on earthquakes and cool maps.  www.usgs.gov


    • We finished going over the study guide answers in class as well as having the key posted on the attachments page. 
    • Watched a short video clip about volcanoes
    • Talked about EXPECTED and UNEXPECTED 6th grade behaviors


    • Did the Edible Tectonics Milky way lab today 
    • Students received the Learning Targets Review packet today as a way of studying again for tomorrow's test.  It is due tomorrow.


    •  Science TEST TODAY


    • Watch Bill Nye Volcanoes
    • Look at grades and redo assignments as needed (if they are below a 70%)