• Monday-

    • p. 76 ISN their thoughts and prior knowledge on genetically modified food.  What is it?  Do we eat it?  Should we eat it?, etc.
    • p. 77 ISNRead the Custom Corn article fromthe Life science day books and answered questions
    • p. 79 ISNAlso read the Blue People of Kentucky article and answered those questions


    • p. 80 ISN Answer the Bell Work questions regarding Sexual reproduction here
    • p. 81 ISN Read the Sexual Reproduction Packet in class and answer the questions that go along with that section.
    • Then read the second part of the packet: Genetics; fill out the concept map on the back with words that show how the words are related. 


    • p. 82 ISN Answer the Bell Work questions regarding Asexual Reproduction here
    • p. 83 ISN Read the Asexual Reproduction Packet and answer the questions in it.


    • Finish in the Cells and Heredity book
    • Receive study guide for genetics test. 


    • Collect scores while we watch the Discovery video the Power of Genes.