• Monday-  

    • Skim through Chapter 2 p. 44-45, 55, 58-61, 64-67
    • Homework -p. 56 ISN put PHCH p. 68-69 science and society What would you do?  Then on p. 57 ISN put PHCH p. 40 #11, 16, 20, 24, 25, and 26 For ?#20 you only have to tell the 2 organelles that are different; YOU DO NOT have to write down information about all the organelles.


    • Baby mice assessment probe
    • Receive the purple common assessment study guide
    • Went over how to fill it out!  IT is due Friday



    • Read Ch. 1-1 and did the vocabulary on p. 59 ISN


    • Class Survey- Write a hypothesis for the skills lab, and complete the survey in class.
    • HOMEWORK:  finish the analyze and conclude questions from PHCH p. 83 in your ISN p. 61
    • HOMEWORK:  do the Design an Experiment from PHCH p. 83 and put it on p. 60ISN


    • Go over the purple Q1 learning Targets STUDY GUIDE
    • Q1 COMMON assessment is next wednesday October 13th. 
    • Look at the Ch. 2 and 3 vocab from p. 59 ISN
    • Talk about the results to the class survey and their ideas for an experiment.