• Monday-  

    • Read ch. 1 section 3 Drifting continents outloud in class
    • HOMEWORK:  Do the Ch. 1-2 and section 3 science log vocabulary sheet
    • Also the Green Guided Reading Packet over Ch. 1-2 Convection in the Mantle is due tomorrow.


    • Early Out so shortened classes
    • We graded the green Guided reading packets


    • Received Study Guide for TEST next WEDNESDAY
    • WHOLE study guide is DUE Monday
    • Did worksheet #1 layers of the Earth in class today
    • Colored worksheet #2 Pangaea; HOMEWORK: students need to cut the continents out and place them together to form Pangaea.  An example is on p. 20 of your textbook if you need one.  Due Tomorrow
    • We also read the Ch. 1 section 4 Section Summary sheet and highlighted the answers!  If not done with question #3 they need to finish that as HOMEWORK due tomorrow. 


    • Organized our ISN's see table of contents in the attachments page on the left hand sidebar
    • Went over the Ch. 1section 2 and 3 Vocab log and gave students a chance to correct mistakes before I take a grade on it.
    • Worked on the Sea-floor spreading Review and Reinforce wksht- We did #1-5 as a class and students need to finish #6-10 as HOMEWORK!  see attachements page


    • In class- check #6 -10 on the Sea-Floor Spreading Review and reinforce
    • In class- Read Ch. 1-5 on the Theory of Plate Tectonics Book p. 32-36
    • In class- Go over the Volcanoes and Plates and Bending the Earth's crust worksheets
    • HOMEWORK:  Read the Theory of Plate Tectonics section summary and highlight the answers.  THEN do the REview and Reinforce on the back.  DUE Monday
    • HOMEWORK:  ALSO Due Monday- Finish the study Guide.