• Monday-

    • We read ch. 8.1 and Thomas Jefferson's biography.
    • on p. 28 in their IHN students were write an epitaph for Thomas Jefferson. 2 or more things they would put on his tombstone
    • on p. 29 in their IHN students placed the ch. 8.1quiz wksht. 


    • Today we read Ch. 8.2 about the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark
    • Students received a map and instructions about what to put on that map.
    • Map is due Friday- see attached at bottom to see the map and instructions.


    •  Read ch. 8.3 The Coming of War Cause and Effect wksht


    •   Watch the Lewis and Clark Great Journey National Geographic video and answer the questions as we watch.


    • Read ch. 8.4 The War of 1812
    • finish the Cause and Effect paper
    • collect maps