• Intermediate & Advanced Levels
    Language Acquisition

  • Intermediate Fluency Stage

    What Students Can Do
    • Lasts an additional year
    • Good Comprehension
      • 6000 active words
    • Uses more complex sentences to communicate
    • States opinions
    • Speaks at length
    • Asks for clarification
    • Shares original thoughts
    • Minor errors in speech
    • Comprehends content through  English presented in simple as well as complex sentences.

    What You Can Do
    • Focus on learning strategies similar to those used for native speakers.

    • Allow extended time for task completion.


    Continued Language Development

    What Students Can Do
    • Lasts 5-7 years
    • Good Comprehension
      • Content Area vocabulary
    • Participates fully in grade level classroom activities with support for understanding specialized academic language in the content area.
    • Continuing to grow in cultural and background knowledge of the language.
    • These students are likely to have been exited from an ESOL program.

    What You Can Do
    • Provide continued support in content areas such as history/social studies and in writing.