• BVSW Timberwolves Basketball—Building a Tradition


    Core Standards


    • Participants in high school basketball will learn leadership skills, the value of teamwork, responsibility, trust, integrity, respect, selflessness, and the value of hard work.  These skills are building blocks for building a positive character.
    • Participants in high school basketball should experience physical, academic, emotional, and social growth.
    • All participants will improve their self-esteem.
    • All participants will become better athletes, students, and people.



    Five Point Play

    These are the five fundamental points that can help make a good team great. 

    1)       Communication – Tell the truth if someone is doing something bad, mediocre or great.  Don’t be afraid of hearing the truth or of telling the truth.

    2)      Trust – A team who trusts one another will also have confidence among one another.

    3)      Collective Responsibility –We win and we lose together.

    4)      Caring – We care for one another.

    5)      Pride – If we do all these things, we develop the pride within ourselves.


    What is our team all about?  What do we stand for?

    ·     Maximum Mental and Physical Effort

    • Tough Fundamental Defense
    • Transition Offense
    • Spacing/Screening/Cutting Hard
    • Toughness


    Building a Tradition

    Our core standards, five point play, and our points of emphasis will build pride.  Once pride is developed tradition will follow.