• Southwest High School Basketball Skills


    Skills that players must have mastered by the time they reach high school.


    These skills are not in any specific order:


    1)    Dribble with both hands efficiently with their head and eyes UP using the following moves:

    a.    Crossover

    b.    Between the legs

    c.    Around the back


    2)    Be able to catch the ball and square up to the goal in triple threat position.

    a.    Must go meet the pass, square up to the goal and hold your ground.


    3)    Make proper chest, overhead, and bounce passes.


    4)    Complete a JUMP STOP off the dribble or when receiving a pass and be able to keep your balance. (SIT in the jump stop).


    5)    Be able to finish lay-ups on the right side using the right hand and on the left side using the left hand.


    6)    Shoot 75% inside the paint when taking uncontested shots off the:

    a.    dribble

    b.    catch


    7)    Shoot 60% when taking a short range (15 feet) uncontested jump shot off the:

    a.    dribble

    b.    catch


    8)    Effectively set a screen and know how to come off a screen.


    9)    Understand correct spacing on the court while running a half court offense or in transition.


    10) Attack the goal until you either score or you are stopped.