• Timberwolves Basketball

    Name on Front Not Name on Back



    Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

    Tryout Meeting (3:00-3:30 in room 313)


    *Make sure you share this information with your parents!

     Tryout times:
    Monday, November 14h: Freshman 3:15-5:15 Aux Gym; Grades 10-12 5:30-7:30 Main Gym -- times could change

    Tuesday, November 15th: Freshman 3:15-5:15 Aux Gym; Grades 10-12 5:30-7:30 Main Gym -- times could change

    At the conclusion of Tuesday's tryout we will likely make some cuts

    Wednesday, Nov 16th: Times TBD

    First things first:  1) make this webpage a favorite in your phone.  2)  Follow us on Twitter: @BVSWHoops. Set your account to automatically send you a text message when we tweet.


    Tryout Checklist: 

    1)   Read this entire page.

    2)  Turn in physical and athletic packet to room 601 (Mrs. Murdock) -- fall sport participants have already taken care of this.

    3)   Print grade check (see attachment below).  Complete it and bring it with you to the first day of tryouts.

    4)  Players and Parents -- read the entire 2016/2017 Player and Parent Handbook -- see attachment below -- print the last page, prospective player and parents of prospective players should sign it.  Bring this (along with your completed grade sheet) to the first day of tryouts.


    6)  Grades 10-12 should stick around for five minutes to sign up for officiating Hoops for Hopes games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday.

    7)  Again--continue reading below.


    HOW DO I MAKE THE BASKETBALL TEAM HERE AT SW?  These are the major things we take into consideration:

    • Academics—grades (80% or better is the goal), behavior, effort, attendance, being on time to class.
    • Coachability—listening skills, effort, desire, mental toughness.
    • Basketball Skills, Athletic Ability, and Potential—your abilities to play basketball and your ability/willingness to become a great teammate—5 Point Play.
    • Coachability:  Willingness to buy into what we ask. Team before Individual.  We before me.  TEAM.


                At the conclusion of Wednesday’s tryout we will likely make final cuts

    Thursday, November 17th and Friday, November 18th will likely be the first two days of practices for all teams; however, there is a possibility that we will extend tryouts for a few additional days.


    All players should wear a light colored shirt with their last name written (in dark ink) on the back.



    Any player wishing to try out for basketball on Monday, November 14th must have turned in a completed athletic packet.  If you need an athletic packet or want to check to see if your packet is complete, please see Mrs. Murdock in room 601.


    Players who have not turned in their Athletic Packet will be unable to participate - NO EXCEPTIONS--Athletes who competed in a fall sport have already taken care of these things.


    Additionally, the following must be turned in to Coach Rabbitt prior to tryouts (all will be handed out at the tryout meeting):


    • Completed Grade-check sheet
    • Signed acknowledgement (by you and your parents) that you and they have read and understand the expectations of you as a possible member of the Blue Valley Southwest Basketball Team.

    Tryout Policies/Procedures


    Unfortunately Boys’ Basketball is a sport where cuts are made. Anyone that chooses to try out for boys’ basketball will be given numerous opportunities to show their abilities as basketball players. Players will be evaluated by the coaching staff in areas that include academics, character, attitude, basketball ability, athletic ability and basketball potential, willingness to buy into team needs over everything else, and desire and determination.  Decisions on making/not making a team will be communicated directly (and individually) to each player.  


    Practice schedules


    Practice schedules are given to you now (see attachment below) so that you and your parents know exactly when practices will take place for each of our teams--see below for attachment.  Players are expected to be in attendance for the entirety of each practice. Practices will be held over holiday breaks—ALL players in our program are expected to attend all their respective practices.


    Coaching staff


    Coach Rabbitt – Varsity Coach

    Coach Brinsko – Assistant Varsity Coach

    Coach Buchman -- Junior Varsity Coach

    Coach Pangborn -- Sophomore Coach

    Coach Palmgren – Freshman Coach