• Players that do these things the best will have the best opportunity to play at the varsity level:


    ·        Talk on defense—letting your teammates know that you are there in case they get beat

    ·         Value every possession -- have a sense of urgency to stop the other team from scoring

    ·         Stay in a stance for the entire possession (every possession)

    ·         Jump towards the ball as it moves

    ·         Take on cutters.  Take away the ball side of the cut

    ·         Be quick to your spots, go after the ball with two hands, get on the floor for loose balls, and take charges

    ·         Keep the ball in front of you -- keep the ball on the sideline or away from the lane

    ·         Have your hands up and active

    ·         Close out to a shooter under control

    ·         Do not allow yourself to be screened

    ·         Contest all shots --box out every time: forearm to chest, butt to thigh, go get

    ·         Doing all of the above at all times -- especially under pressure

    Intangibles and Special Teams

    ·         If you get beat, move on to the next play, and display positive body language -- play present and control the things that you can control

    ·         Practice as hard as you play in games

    ·         Be a great teammate -- keep your teammates together, especially in times of adversity

    ·         Filling your tank on the defensive end, and not on the offensive end

    ·         Care more about winning and about TEAM then any personal accolades

    ·         Step to the line and knock down pressure free throws, especially when tired and late in the game

    ·         Sprint in transition, both on defense and on offense

    ·         Box out every time: forearm to chest, butt to thigh, go get

    ·         Go to the offensive  boards

    ·         No spectating—no standing and watching: move while the ball is in the air to get an advantage

    ·         Be into the game even when you are not in the game.


    ·         Take good shots, and have the judgment to pass up challenged shots -- Make extra passes to get a better shot

    ·         Value every possession

    ·         Catch and face up to the defense against pressure (no catching and dribbling)

    ·         Set up your man and make hard cuts

    ·         Throw passes with 2 hands—no 1 handed passes

    ·         Understand spacing and keep great spacing

    ·         Come to passes and be quick to your spots

    ·         Don’t stand—don’t be a spectator (be difficult to defend)

    ·         Know when to throw to the block and when to make a skip pass

    ·         Dribble with offhand as well as strong hand

    ·         Attack the goal at the right times and make sound decisions while attacking

    ·         Doing all of the above at all times; especially under pressure