Presentation of projects tomorrow. Students need to bring in assignments and be ready to present.

    Today students are to continue working on writeup & conclusions. Students are cautioned to be very thorough on explaining their data table information.


    Finish experimental Design prework.

    Background: explain the chemistry (what units are involved) include hypothesis, safety, materials, procedure, data table, Works cited.

    Edit at least 2 other papers (rubrick and follow additional instructions posted on the board).

    Begin lab.





    Computer lab to gather research for final project.


    Students went to computer lab to collect research for final project.


    Students worked on write up prior to beginning research for final.

    5/3/17 Work day- Students are to begin Chemistry In Action Project

    Today students need to create a guiding question and submit to Mrs. McCarty via google doc or edmodo.

    Then with Ipad access bvswlmc.com resources to use: SIRS or Science in Context

    Find 2-3 articles that you can use to get relating info on your topic.

    Chem Final Project




    Test day


    1. Test Tomorrow
    2. AFL Today
    3. Have topic for your final project by Wed 5/3/17
    4. Go over Radioactive Dating

    4/19/17 Began new unit Equilibrium and Nuclear Equations.

    Lab-LeChateliers Principle lab

    Final Project discussed students should start brainstorming

    Unit 9and10



    Unit test


    Students took AFL to prepare for test Tuesday.

    On a separate sheet of paper students are to refer to Unit guide write a question for each learning target.

    These questions will be used on Monday to prepare for Tuesday's test.


    Students reminded to turn in Titration pre-lab & practice worksheets.

    Watched video: Acid-Based Reactions in Solution Crash Course Chemistry #8

    Hello Kidney Lab


    Today work sheet of Titration Practice collected. Titration Pre-Lab work sheet reviewed prior to performing the lab.

    Students went to Ms. Hardings room to do todays lab. 

    Tomorrow students are encouraged to bring their favorite soda for lab.



    Students to turn in Reaction Rates Lab and Conjugate Acid & Bases worksheet.

    Took a AFL

    Notes for Acids & Bases (attached) acids bases notes


    Today students were to complete Reaction rates Lab.

    -Each exp. needs a hypothesis.

    -Each hypothesis must be specific.

    -Each hypothesis needs a "because"

    * either a collision or energy included

    Conclusion should be about each experiment. (6 answers)

    Homework Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs (attached)

    conjugate acid-base pairs


    Homework checked for credit.

    Notes for Acids/Base reactions

    Practice identifying acids base and conjuget pairs.



    Students turned in Chemical Reaction Rates Work sheet given yesterday.

    Given a chemquest to work on in class

    Homework Naming and writing acids

    Names an formulas of acids


    Students began Lab Experiments to be done today and write up will be completed in class Friday