• ELA 11 Donahue


    Last class period to work on student memoir. The project is due at 7:45 tomorrow morning.


    1. Students to finish and submit printed essay. Do Not Submit Electronically
    2. Begin to work on Justification/Explanation Section
    3. Creative Section should be worked on at home
    4. Tuesday is last in-class day to work on Essay
    5. Total Essay project complete and turned in on Wednesday beginning of class.


    Students work day rough draft should be getting completed.

    Idea for Creative section due today.

    Students reminded there is a boxed section at the top of page 2 on the instructions. To compose justification of 5 "Little Picture" techniques and 3 "Big Picture" techniques used. Also articulate the theme of your story. Attach this as the final page of your short story.



    Students met in library to work on Final Assessment. Rough draft should be complete tomorrow.

    Also Creative texts form is due tomorrow. (Turn in form posted on bvswlmc.com)

    Will meet in library again tomorrow.


    Students met in library for a work day. Topics should have been submitted and approved.

    Then students are okay to begin rough draft of memoir. Writing on google doc is recommended. Be sure to use MLA format. Turn in rough draft Wed 5/10 Students should shoot for memoir final copy to be finished Monday and begin sections 2 & 3.

    Creative format is to be chosen by Thursday 5/11 and turn in form found on bvswlmc.com for approval.

    Friday 5/19 final projects are due



    Socratic Seminar over chapters read so far in TGC.

    Went over final class project.

     Project description to be found on bvswlmc.com

    Today students are assigned to determine their topic and submit using form found on bvswlmc to Ms. Donahue. Topic is due by tomorrow morning at 7:45am.

    Class will meet in classroom tomorrow morning to go over topic submissions. Then go to library to begin assignment. Students must have topic turned in before advancing to next step.

    ***Missing work?? Last day to turn in will be Friday 5/12/17***


    Due to shortened class today, students read TGC to page 102 

    Homework: Read to page 121


    5/3/17Homework due today. TGC Part II The Desert Sect 1-9. This assignment was to be shared electronically to class folder. No paper copies accepted.

    TGC Audio & read aloud to page 62 .

    HW: Read to page 91 Due Friday


    With laptops students are to go into class folder. Copy document TGC Part II- The Desert Sect. 1-9.

    Answer the questions on document with different font or color. Any student who didnt finish in class needs to submit online to class folder.

    Due by the beginning of class tomorrow.


    Homework Read pages 26-38 tonight.


    Read "The Glass Castle" to page 15.


    4/26/17 Cont. to watch Frontline documentary: Poor Kids.

    The Glass Castle Book distributed to students




    Began new unit. Students will be reading a memoir "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls. In preparation class watched Frontline video: Poor Kids.


    4/21/17 Students are to have final copy for short story to turn in today. Prior to submitting students are divided into groups to read aloud their short story to peers.

    End of class turn in final draft for grading.



    Students given entire class period to work on their short story. Items to concentrate on are peer editing and corrections after peer editing.

    Final copy due Friday.

    When turning in the order of papers should be

    1. Short Story Summary Sheet
    2. Rough Draft
    3. Peer Evaluation Sheet
    4. Final Draft


    Writing assignment checked for credit.

    Students to peer edit 2 papers for other classmates.


    Worked on creative writing rough draft. Class went over MLA format. Students to use Times New Roman or Arial and the font size needs to be 12.

    Tomorrow- peer editing all students need to have their papers printed and ready for others to edit.


    Students continued to write Vietnam short story. Rough draft is due before class Tuesday. (at least 3 pages no more than 6)


    Students given a short story assignment. They are to pick one of the characters from the letters or short stories class has read. Then students are to write a short story as one of the characters. Story will end up being 3-6 pages long

    creative writing


    Read copies of letters from Vietnam Vets and their family members to prepare for creative writing assignment.



    Students continued to work on Vietnam Nurses writing assignment.



    Today students met in the flex area to read and analyze "A Piece of my Heart". Short story of a nurse's experiences in and after Vietnam War.




    Today students began new writing assignment Vietnam Nurses. Instructions and worksheet to follow posted to Ms. Donahue's web site.



    Today students finished reading "Dusty"

    Pulled up Lit Charts online. The Things They Carried and looked at themes that would be simular to Dusty.

    Went over the next writing assignment to begin tomorrow. Students divided into groups of no more than 4.

    Title: Vietnam War Veterans: The Nurses

    Students will demonstrate skills of;

    1. Comphrehend/draw inferences
    2. Summarize and paraphrase
    3. Synthesize/interperate



    Continued with the theme of women who served in Vietnam. Read a exerpt of "Dusty" poem & article about a nurses experience in Vietnam. Will finish article tomorrow.


    Today students finished watching the Women in Vietnam War video.

    Went over Shrapnel In The Heart papers turned in.


    Students given additional time to work on Shrapnel in the Heart assignment. Reminder due BEFORE class Friday.

    Watched video: Women in the Vietnam War



    Shrapnel Of The Heart assignment


    Students began Webquest assignment. Includes a 10 sentence paragraph, using 1 to 2 pictures to help explain their claim. Students to continue to work and finish this assignment on Friday. For instructions Ms. Donahue has posted on her calendar.