• Emerging Tech/Krewson


    Students are to go to Mrs. Krewson's website. They will find survey's from District and Mrs. Krewson to complete.

    Then finish projects and post to Wix.com Mrs. Krewson checked for grades today.

    Update your blog.

    Mrs. Krewson went over the final project so students can start brain storming for their idea.


    Work day. Students are wrapping up assignments and post to their blogger.


    Wix work day.

    Seniors last day. Given instructions on exiting requirements.


    Another work day. Piktograph & Wix.


    Students to work on Piktochart assignment. Tomorrow pikto assignment should be turned in and students work on wix project.

    When finished the final project outline has been discussed and students can begin on that as well.


    Continued to work on Piktochart.com Students to develope a chart on a subject they pick.


    Work on Piktograph assignment today and Friday. 


    Students who had trouble submitting their video were given more instructions and 10 extra minutes to get it submitted or ask for help.

    Reminder all assignments posted to Blogger need to have a refection as well.

    Began new assignment make a Infographic in Piktochart.com



    Last work day on movie maker project. Students instructed how to down load to their blog. Any student needing further help will need to come in on their Timbertime.


    Students had class time to finish recording then went to classroom. Students instructed on how to share their video with their groups and establish a folder titled Moviemaker.


    Students met in library. Today is dedicated to getting video footage. Students warned to get lots of extra footage.


    Students went to library to begin filming. Mrs. Lasslow went over how to submit video to drop box.Students were able to begin filming after getting their script approved by Mrs. Krewson. Class will work on video in class for next 3 days.


    Students to finish Lucidpress assignment today and submit to their blog. All grades must be in by Friday since progress reports will be sent out


    Students are to log into Lucidpress.com from there they are to build a flyer.Will continue on this project tomorrow.



    Students were to finish their Wix.com website. Then check student view for any missing assignments.


    Continued to work on Wix.com web site. Students learned to add html & embed codes. Also to add a link to the website.


    Work in Wix.com establishing web site. Rubric is on Mrs. Krewson's web page. Today students are to build a home page, about me page and a portfolio page.


    Students given time to complete Alien picture. Then students to add to their blog. Should have pig-monkey picture, Kizowa video and Alien picture downloaded to their blog for grading.

    Students began new assignment wix.com to build your own website. 1st wix.com 2nd step login with google.t Third choose portfolio then wix editor. Save and done for the day.


    Students continued to work on Alien project. Today Mrs. Krewson showed students how to import a background or create a border. Students allowed Monday as a completion day. 

    3/29/17 Students were to finish pig/monkey picture. Friday Kizowa movie and pig/monkey picture will be checked for grading. Students should have posted to their blogs by class Friday.

    Began new assignment using new tools in photoshop. Students were to download new photo of themselves to photoshop. Then use clone stamp, lense flair and filter liquify tools to change their image.

    Will continue this assignment on Friday.


    3/22/17 Begin Kizoa.com video making assignment.

    1. Students were to pick a theme for their video,
    2. Download 8-10 pictures and make adjustments in photoshop.
    3. Move the corrected photos to Kizoa
    4. Students will need to use 5 effects on their pictures
    5. Use text/captions on 8 of their pictures
    6. Be sure to use transitions between each picture.
    7. Students should be able to finish this assignment on Friday.