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    pod cast is online. Will be found as US History Final Spring 2016. Yes that is the one from last year but it is still good.


    Self paced Civil Rights assignment should be turned in.

    Newly assigned: Essay Students should be ble to answer from common knowledge: What 3 events in the 20th Century had the largest and longest impact on the American people? Explain the events and their legacy and provide examples.

    Study Guide for final given History Study Guide



    Students should be nearing the end of the Civil Rights Unit. Turning in completed work to designated tray.

    Tomorrow class day for Seniors. All Juniors are to attend.


    Civil Rights Unit

    Items to turn in:

    1. Page 700-706 Questions in Text book.
    2. Graph analysis
    3. UFW-Chavez handout
    4. UFW video summary
    5. Summary of women of the 1950's
    6. Feminine Mystique
    7. Steinhem video summary
    8. AIM reading summary
    9. AIM video summary
    10. online Civil Rights=Quiz multiple choice & matching
    11. Quiz.


    Students continue to work on civil rights unit.


    Continue to work on self paced Civil Rights unit found on bvswlmc website.


    Students given computers and are to go to bvswlmc.com Look for self paced civil rights Mr. Pendleton section.

    For each category students have assignments to finish.


    Finished watching Freedom Summer video

    Then watched Power of the Vote and Selma segment of "Eyes on the Prize"

    All completed worksheets turned in.


    Video Freedom Summer and corresponding video.


    Video When America was Rocked: Elvis Presley 1956


    Began with class discussion about MLK,Jr. article read on Tuesday.

    Ms. Soderquist says goodbye to class.

    Mr. Pendleton gives lecture on discrimination today, economic segregation, socialization

    Watched video Eyes on the Prize: Birmingham 1963



    History Mystery person-MLK, Jr., march on Washington DC. & "I Have A Dream" speech

    Question: Is it ever ok to break the law? Who decides which laws are just?

    Students given article to read "MLK Preaches Nonviolence from Jail" along with worksheet. class time to complete. 

     MLK worksheet



    Went over worksheet given Monday.

    Watched video "Eyes on the Prize" with worksheet.


    Students given class time to complete worksheet from yesterday. Also new worksheet given for today (Attached) Due tomorrow chapter 16


    New Unit- Discrimination

    1. Notes- Discrimination from 1896 - 1954

    Plessy vs Ferguson led to precedent separate but equal.

    DeJure- Laws

    Defacto- Customs

    2. Watched video John Greene "Crash Course- Civil Rights of 1950's  Students given a worksheet to complete while watching.




    Unit test


    Students reminded test Friday. Be sure to listen to pod cast to prepare @bvswtwolf

    Students to work independently on study guide. Mr. Pendleton went over before class was over. Completed study guide for extra credit.



    Today students were given a study guide for their upcoming test. Ms. Soderquist warned students the terms on the guide is not just to know the definitions. Students should know how the terms are connected to one another. Know the who what where & when of the terms.

    Ms. Soderquist's last day is April 28th. All matters with grades must be addressed before that date.

    Class time given to work on power point.

    Students who turn in completed study guide will receive extra credit.


    Students are to turn in, by Friday, CNN Marshall Plan Documentary, NATO/ Warsaw Pack Webquest, Cold War intensifies worksheet.

    Project Presentations continued

    Post War America assignment. Students are assigned a topic they will research that topic give a brief explanation and gather a image for the topic. Put in a powerpoint

    Test Friday


    Students began presentations of their Home Front videos. As they watch students are to fill out 1 thing learned from another presentation.


    Last day for students to have class time to work on the Home Front video. Presentations begin tomorrow.

    By the end of class sudents should have posted their work cited and video to bvswlmc website under Mr. Pendletons file.


    Class met again in the library to gather reasearch for the Home Front project. Students should be ready to video on block day. Friday is the day to present.


    Class went to library to begin working on their video. Students were to pick a partner, a topic from the back of the worksheet given and work together. Will meet in the library tomorrow and block so long as students use their time wisely.



    Lecture over McCarthyism

    Then students took notes over Communist Fear of the 1950's

    Red Scare: fear of communist

    House Un-american Activities Committee (HUAC)

    -created by the House of Representatives

    -investigated government armed forces, unions, education, science.

    -targeted Hollywood

    Spies in the US

    -Alger Hiss was educated government worker, accused of being a spy.HUAC investigated him and convicted him of perjury.

    -Rosenberg's and the Verona Papers. The Rosenbergs were accused conspiring of passing secret information about nuclear science program. The rosenberg's plead innocent but were sentenced to death. In the 1990's the Verona Papers were released which confirmed the guilt of Rosenberg's and Hiss.


    To begin to work on new assignment. 1950's Homefront Video Project. (Worksheet attached)

    home front project



    Today students continued to fill out the worksheet given Tuesday. The groups were to answer the questions pertaining to their article.

    Students read a news article from Washington Post and discussed as a class.

    Discussed McCarthyism



    Students continue to study the Korean War.

    1. Students divided into 5 groups. Given articles to read and share with class.
    2. Will continue tomorrow.
  • Tues March 7 2017

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 3/7/2017 10:35:00 AM

    Students took notes on Cold War (see attached)



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  • Mon May 2 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 5/2/2016 2:10:00 PM

    Today students finished the video Wounded Knee. The notes the students began last week were returned. The students continued the notes on the same paper.


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  • Friday April 29 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/29/2016 2:10:00 AM

    Today students watched a video about Wounded Knee the 1973 taking of Pine Ridge South Dakota Reservation by American Indians. Students were to take notes and turn them in at the end of the class.

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  • Wed/ Thurs April 27 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/27/2016 2:00:00 PM

    Today in Block Students:

    Finished video: "Women Who Make America" students cautioned their notes should be good to study for the test.

    video on Caesar Chavez

    (My notes attached)


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  • Tues April 26 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/26/2016 2:00:00 PM

    Today students continued to watch video "Makers: Women who make America"

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  • Mon April 25 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/25/2016 2:15:00 PM

    Today in class students:

    1st Were to turn in the worksheet of Freedom Summer video.

    2nd Students were to answer who is Betty Friedman and the Femine Mystique.

    3rd Discussion about the feminist movement. Lifestyles and gender rolls of the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

    Video-Makers:Women Who Make America.

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  • Fri April 22 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/22/2016 2:15:00 PM

    Today in class students finished watching the video on "Freedom Summer" Students should have the corresponding worksheet completed at the end of video.

    watched a 10 min documentary on "Selma"

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  • Wed April 20 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/20/2016 2:00:00 PM

    Today in class students were to refresh on notes from yesterday.

    watched videos on

    Freedom Summer

    Bull Connor

    Birmingham AL. protests

    Notes attached



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  • Tues April 19 2013

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/19/2016 1:40:00 PM

    Today students were to hand in their civil rights paper they worked on last week.

    discussed Dejure segregation, Defacto segregation

    Videos on: Brown vs Board of Education

      Montgomery Bus Boycot

    Emmitt Till

    Civil Rights Movement Sit-in

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  • Friday April 15 2016

    Posted by Shelly Riley on 4/15/2016 1:40:00 PM

    Today students met in library. Continued to work on assignment "Effects to End De jure Segretation"

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