• Are You the ONE?

  • In classroom guidance, all TCE students have heard the great anti-bullying book, ONE, by Kathryn Otoshi.  This picture book uses colors as characters in a powerful message about friendship and bullying.

    Blue is a quiet color.  Red’s a hothead who likes to pick on Blue.  Yellow, Orange, Green, and Purple don’t like what they see, but what can they do?  When no one speaks up, things get out of hand – until ONE comes along and shows all the colors how to stand-up, stand together, and count!  Sometimes it “just takes ONE” to make a difference!

    Encourage your child to “Be the ONE” to stand up against bullying for everyone!  Students who “take a stand” and say “No!” will be recognized for their courage and caring by having their names posted on our “Be the ONE!” bulletin board in the front hallway.  Let’s continue to make TCE a bully-free school!