• August

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    Every class reviewed the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?. and then received its own classroom "Bucket" as a visual reminder to always use kindness.

  • Kindergarten

    Welcome new kindergarten friends! We talked about "who" Mrs. Frank is and "what" she does at Timber Creek.  Then we took a short stroll to visit my office.  Ask your child what Mrs. Frank collects!  We ended with a funny story, Don't Be Silly Miss Millie!  Be sure to ask your child what kind of "mistakes" Miss Millie makes.

  • 1st Grade

    Welcome back, 1st Graders!  We started our guidance lessons with the book, Brand-New Pencils, Brand-New Booksby Diane deGroat.  Our friend, Gilbert, is excited and nervous at the same time about starting 1st grade! our lesson ended with the activity, "What Filled Your Bucket This Summer?"

  • 2nd Grade

    This month we read the fun story, First Day Jitters, by Julie Danneberg.  Be sure to ask your child about the "surprise" ending!  We next reviewed our schoolwide "bucket philosophy" and completed the activity, "What Filled Your Bucket This Summer?" 

  • 3rd Grade

    Our agenda this month included review of our "bucket philosophy" and discussion about the students' new "virtue" journals.  We shared the activity sheet, "What Filled Your Bucket This Summer?" with our classmates.  Third graders have had a busy summer spreading the word of kindness to others!

  • 4th Grade

    In our first lesson we shared many stories about "bucket filling" over the summer vacation!  These kids are living the "bucket philosophy" of kindness to others!  New "virtue" journals were also distributed as we discussed examples of the August/September virtue of self-discipline.  

  • 5th Grade

    Our 5th grade leaders of the school are ready for a great year!  We discussed "buckets" and "virtues" and all the exciting "happenings" planned for 5th grade this year!  At the end of the lesson each student received a small container of play dough as we discussed the difference between "play dough" and "rock" problems!  Ask your student to define these terms!!