• Blue Valley Virtues


    • We try to treat everyone with kindness.
    • We think about how we would like to be treated.
    • We are careful with other people's belongings.


    • We remember to do what we promise to do.
    • We admit when we make a mistake.
    • We are dependable and make good choices.


    • We give complete and truthful information to everyone.
    • We admit our mistakes and work to improve.
    • We are sincere to others.


    • We keep working on a task until we finish.
    • We make our best effort all the time.
    • We don't give up.

    Self Discipline

    • We keep our hands, feet, and object to ourselves.
    • We take turns and wait for others.
    • We make choices that are healthy, safe and respectful of ourselves and others.


    • We help others who are in need of help.
    • We don't use put-downs.
    • We remember that being different is OK.
    • We look for what is good in others.


    • We are brave enough to do what we know is right even if it isn't easy.
    • We encourage others to do the same.