• What is Bucket Filling?

    We all carry an invisible bucket in which we keep our feelings about ourselves.   When our buckets are full, we are happy; when they are empty, we are sad.   It's important to know that we can fill our own bucket and we can dip into it.   We can also learn to protect our bucket.  

    "Bucket Fillers" are those who help without being asked, give hugs and compliments, and generally spread their love and good felling to others.   The simple metaphor of a bucket helps even preschoolers understand the importance of consideration and love, particularly towards those who bully.

    "Bucket Dippers" can rob us of happy feelings by refusing to help with a task or by saying or doing cruel things.

    Have you filled a bucket today?


  • Silver Bucket Award

    At each monthly spirit assembly, a special class is recognized with the Silver Bucket Award for expressing kindness,appreciation and love on a daily basis.  

    Kindness Counts and bucket filling is cool.  That's what we expect at Timber Creek School!


    Mrs. Yeo's 4th Grade Class


    Ms. Marshall's Kindergarten Class


    Mrs. Kinnamon's 1st Grade Class


    Mrs. Ericson's 5th Grade Class


    Miss Fitzgerald's Kindergarten Class


    Miss Walter's 5th Grade Class

  • Have you filled a bucket today?