• General Information and  Definition:

    Bullies are one or more individuals inflicting physical, verbal or emotional abuse on another person. Bullying is any mean word, look, sign, or act that hurts a person's body, feelings or things.

    Bullying implies an imbalance of power or strength.

    Bullying behaviors may include but are not limited to:

    • Name-calling
    • Mimicking
    • Indifference and exclusion
    • Hitting
    • Kicking
    • Pushing/shoving
    • Invasion of personal space

    Bullying can be DIRECT and include:

    • Physical:  Hitting, kicking, shoving, pushing, spitting or invasion of personal space
    • Verbal:  Taunting, teasing, name-calling, mimicking or verbal, sexual or racial harrassment.
    • Non-verbal:  Threatening or obscene gestures.

    Bullying can also be INDIRECT and may include:

    • Physical:  Getting another person to assult or hurt someone.
    • Verbal:  Spreading rumors
    • Non-Verbal:  Exclusion from a group or activity,  cyberbullying
  • Facts and Myths About Bullying

    Prevalance of Bullying

    ·   Nansel et al. (2001):  In a National sample of 15,600 students in   grades 6-10,  19% of students reported bullying others "sometimes" or more often during the school term;  17% reported being bullied "sometimes" or  more often; and  6.3% reported bullying and being bullied.  

    ·   Girls bully just as much as boys; they just do it differently. Similarities:  Both boys and girls engage in frequent verbal bullying.   Girls and boys engage in relational bullying. Differences:  Boys are more likely to physically bully.   Girls are more likely to use more subtle and indirect forms of bullying: social exclusion, rumor-spreading, friendship manipulation.   

    ·   Boys are bullied primarily by boys; girls are bullied by boys and  girls.  

    Reporting of Bullying

    ·   Most Students do not report bullying to school staff.  

    ·   Older students and boys are less likely than younger students and girls to report their victimization.

    ·   Bullying effects everyone: those who are bullied, those who bully and those who are bystanders.