Research has shown that a bully's power actually comes from the silence of those who witness it.  While kids dislike bullying behavior and know that it is wrong, there are few that will speak out against it.  There are many reasons for this, including a fear of standing against the bully who is often a powerful figure in more ways than one.  Kids need to fit in with their peer group and when it seems that their group is going along with something; most kids do not have the strength to go against the tide.  Sometimes the kids simply don't want to be seen as a friend to the victim or they fear being "grouped" with the unpopular or unaccepted student.

    COLTS with COURAGEinvolves two students from each classroom (grades 3rd – 5th) meeting twice monthly with Mrs. Frank to talk about strategies that work to prevent bullying and to discuss how they can play a key role in stopping bullying at TCE. 

    Representatives will change monthly so that more students can be "empowered" to help create a school environment where everyone is safe and no one is made miserable as entertainment for a bully.  Each representative will receive a pledge card promising to "Be a Buddy, Not a Bully" as they take steps towards truly making Timber Creek a "bully-free" school!