Johnson County Mental Health
      http://mentalhealth.jocogov.org/welcome.htm   Johnson  County Mental Health Center's mission is to improve the mental health and quality of life for Johnson County residents. Our staff accomplishes this by providing mental health services tailored to the needs of those we serve which are of the highest quality and easily accessible to all residents.

    Like physical illnesses, mental illness shows itself in a variety of levels of seriousness. Many people seek help for depression or anxiety. Some ask for help to deal with a chemical dependence or other addiction. Sometimes a family problem or relationship has become difficult to manage. And for some a major mental illness is a life-long disability. 

    Johnson County Mental Health Center began operation in 1962 providing outpatient services in one location. Today, mental health services are provided in four separate facilities located throughout the county. In addition, services have expanded to include specialized programs for adults with life long disabling mental illness; children with severe emotional disabilities; substance abusers; the deaf and hard of hearing; the elderly; victims of sexual abuse; and juvenile and adult offenders. Twenty-four hour emergency services are provided to meet the needs of those persons experiencing a mental health crisis. 

    Johnson County Mental Health Center operates under the auspices of Johnson County Government and is licensed as a community Mental Health Center. Its operations are overseen by a seven member governing board.


    Child and Youth Mental Health Initiative


    www.mhah.org  816-281-2221 ext. 130 

    Mental Health America of the Heartland is dedicated to promoting the mental health of the community, and improving the lives of persons with mental illness, through advocacy, education and support


    Midwest Anxiety Treatment Center

    www.midwestanxiety.com  913-498-8200   

    Midwest Anxiety Treatment Center is a multi-disciplinary treatment program for the evaluation, treatment, and study of anxiety and stress related disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Separation Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress, Trichotillomania (hair pulling), Dermatillomania (skin picking), and more generalized problems involving excessive worry, anxiety, and stress reactions.

    A full spectrum of services is offered including office and community-based individual, family, and group training courses, which are individualized to meet the needs of children, adolescents, adults, and their families. MATC offers comprehensive, evidenced based treatments which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Habit Reversal Technique (HRT) and relaxation techniques.

    We, at Midwest Anxiety Treatment Center, believe anxiety disorders are real, treatable illnesses that affect children, adolescents, and adults of all ages, races, cultures and income. Excessive, irrational, or ongoing anxiety is not normal and left untreated will get worse. With proper treatment, people with anxiety disorders can lead full and productive lives.


    The Joshua Center


    J. Michael Sumler, LMFT, Sumler Counseling Services   

    Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders, 7611 State Line Road, Ste. 142, Kansas City, MO 64114, (816) 763-7605, mike@joshuacenter.com . 

    The Joshua Child and Family Development Center is a non-profit organization that provides programs designed to improve the lives of individuals and families living with Tourette Syndrome Asperger Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Associated Disorders through research, education, social and clinical programs.


    Solace House

    The goal of Solace House is to assist individuals, children and families as they explore their perspectives about death.  To understand emotional, behavioral, physical, and spiritual reponses related to loss.  To make necessary adaptations to life-altering change.  And, to develop strategies for coping, communicating and healing as a family.  For more information call 913-314-0318 or visit www.solacehouse.org  Solace House programs are for families and friends who have experienced death related losses.  Services are for persons age 3 through adult.  There are support groups for every age group.


    Sunflower House

    The Sunflower House is a nonresidential child advocacy and abuse prevention center serving Johnson and Wyandotte counties.  The Sunflower House Education Program shares prevention information like Happy Bear with children, parents and professionals.  The Sunflower House Child Assessment Program is designed to respond to children alleging abuse in a child-sensitive and professional way.   They also provide internet safety for parents in the community. Their website is www.sunflowerhouse.org



    Turning Point

    Turning Point- The Center for Hope and Healing

    Turning Point's mission is to empower and transform the mind, body, and spirit of individuals, families, and friends living with serious or chronic physical illness. Turning Point provides innovative educational services and tools that inspire people to take charge of their illness and live life to its fullest.

    How to make an appointment: (913) 383-8700

    Contact Person: Annie Seal, MS, CCLS  Director of Children's Program








    Responsive Clinic

    Responsive Centers for Psychology and Learning

    Our psychologists, social workers, and therapists are trained in the latest techniques for identifying and treating a wide range of mental health and behavioral issues. We are dedicated to helping clients reach their personal goals, solve difficult problems and achieve a sense of mastery in their lives. We provide services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and older adults in a caring and supportive environment. We are committed to helping you make positive changes in your lives.

    How to make an appointment: (913) 451-8550

    Contact Person: Helen Landau- office manager


    7501 College Blvd.

     Suite 250

    Overland Park, Kansas



      Kansas City Psychiatric Group

    Kansas City  Psychiatric Group

    Provides quality and confidential mental health services to the Kansas City area.

    How to make an appointment: (913) 338-0400




    Comprehensive Counseling 913-491-3460

    Marti Rees -LSCSW

    Debra Courtney- LSCSW

    Ann Kiefer -Phd

    Darrell Miller -LSCSW


    MNU Community Counseling and Play Therapy Center

    The mission of MidAmerica Nazarene University Community Counseling and Play Therapy Center is to provide quality, services to children, adolescents and adults through individual, couple or family counseling.

    How to make an appointment: (913) 971-3733

    Contact Person: Rebecca Chow




    As your art therapist and counselor I would like to help you discover your strength and your unique path to growth and healing. I believe you will find art therapy to be a fun and relaxing way to explore and cope with your problems.  I have found art therapy to be helpful for people dealing with traumatic experiences, life transitions, significant losses, self-destructive patterns, or relational challenges.  Art therapy typically feels natural and safe to children and is an effective way for them to work on emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Adults find art therapy leads to powerful new insights and are relieved to learn that no previous art experience is needed to benefit. During our sessions I will support you in exploring issues or ideas verbally and/or nonverbally based on your preferences and needs.  My art therapy interventions are individualized to meet each client or family's goals, and a variety of art mediums may be utilized.   

    How to make and appointment: (913) 971-3733

    Contact Person: Laura Aube