• Welcome to the Resources Page

    Welcome to the TCE resources page.  I hope you find this information valuable and helpful.  The content on this site is for educational and informational purposes only.  Any providers listed on the site are also for informational and educational purposes only.  They are provided for your convenience and are not endorsed by myself or USD 229. Each student and family have individual needs that must be met and it is up to the individual parent/guardian to decide which providers, services or path to healing is most appropriate for them to choose.  When a family is seeking medical intervention for themselves or their child it is often overwhelming and they don't know where to start to look for help.  This site is simply a reference point for beginning your search for the provider(s) that may meet your needs.

    If you have used a provider that has been helpful or beneficial to you or your familiy and you would like to share so that this resource may be helpful to another family, I would be glad to post it on my website if you contact me.  This list is not exclusive and this page will be updated frequently as I am made of aware of resources).

    Please check each tab for a variety of topics and resources.  If you have additional questions, please contact Barbi Frank at 913-239-7817 or bfrank@bluevalleyk12.org

  • Crisis Hotlines


    Crisis Help

    Youth Crisis Services - 913-764-2961 24 hour crisis line

      Agency: Temporary Lodging for Children

      Area: Located in Johnson County

      Services: Runaways, family conflict, homeless, crisis intervention

    Emotional/Mental Health Crisis - 913-384-3535 24 hour crisis line

      Agency: Johnson County Mental Health Center

      Area: Serves Johnson County

      Services: Depression, suicide, substance abuse, sexual abuse, anger management

    Teen Connection Hotline - 913-281-2221  9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

      Agency: Mental Health Association of the Heartland

      Area: Wyandotte and Johnson County

      Services: Counseling, crisis intervention, family support, depression screening.

    Youth Runaways/Homeless - 816-741-8700 24 hour hotline

      Agency: Synergy House

      Area: Serves the Kansas City Metro area

      Services: Runaway shelter, crisis counseling, peer support groups, referrals


    Physical Abuse

    Domestic Abuse - 913-262-2868 24 hour crisis line

      Agency: Safehome

      Area: Johnson County

      Services: Emergency shelter, counseling, intervention

    Child Abuse - 1-800-922-5330 24 hour hotline, after 5:00 pm, 1-800-922-5330

      Agency: Kansas Social & Rehabilitation Services

       Area: Johnson County

      Services: Investigates reports of child abuse


    Sexual Abuse

    Sexual Abuse, Rape, Incest - 816-531-0233 24 hour crisis line

      Agency: MOCSA - Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Abuse

      Area: Serves Kansas City Metro area counties

      Services: Victim assistance, referral, crisis intervention, counseling

    Sexual Assault - 913-262-2868 24 hour hotline

      Agency: Safehome

      Area: Johnson and Miami County

      Services: Emergency shelter, counseling, support groups, housing assistance .


    Criminal Activity

    Crime Reporting - 814-474-8477 (474-Tips) 24 hour crisis line

      Agency: Kansas City Crime Commission

      Area: Serves KC Metro area

      Services: Anonymous crime reporting

    Crime at School - 816-472-4665 (4-School) 24 hour crisis line

       Agency: Kansas City Crime Commission

       Area: Serves Kansas City Metro area

      Services: Anonymous reporting for crimes, guns in schools


    Drug and Alcohol Abuse

    Drugs & Alcohol - 913-384-3535 (Overdose - 911)

      Agency: Johnson County Mental Health Center

      Area: Johnson County

      Services: Substance abuse, adult detoxification, crisis intervention


    Suicide Prevention

    Suicide Stabilization - 913-384-3535

      Agency: Johnson County Mental Health Center

      Area: Johnson County

      Services: Crisis intervention, suicide intervention

    Suicide Intervention - 1-800-273-TALK

      Agency: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

      Area: U.S.

      Services: Connects callers with certified local crisis centers


  • Show Me Dyslexia Correction Center

      http://show-medyslexia.com/   816-806-8611  

    The Show-Me Dyslexia Correction Center is dedicated to assisting clients to understand their gifts and talents and enable them to be successful in learning.