• Parent Resource Center

    Hello, Timber Creek Parents!

    Our new Parent Resource Center is now open and ready for check-out in the library!  With generous funds from our PTA, we’ve been able to purchase a variety of Love and Logic books, tapes, and video cassettes to cover many topics and concerns you may have as parents of preschool and elementary-age children.For example, we now have resources on avoiding power struggles, setting limits, teaching responsibility, winning the homework battle, and much more! The Love and Logic philosophy has been helping parents and educators create respectful and responsible kids since 1977! 

    Please feel free to drop by and browse at any time!  If you don’t find a particular topic that you are looking for, be sure to let me know and maybe it is something we can add to our collection in the future!  This is just the beginning of resources available to help you raise responsible, happy, and well-adjusted kids!

  • Parent Resource Center Library


    The Life Saver Kit: CD’s (2 sets)

         Four Steps to Responsibility

         Raising the Odds for Responsible Behavior

         Helicopters, Drills Sergeants and Consultants

         Avoiding Power Struggles with Kids

         “Didn’t I Tell You to Take Out the Trash?”

         Love Me Enough to Set Some Limits

    Shaping Self-Concept:  Encouraging Kids to Take   

         Risks and Learn (3 CD’s)

    Sibling Rivalry (CD)

    Parenting with Love and Logic ( 7 CD’s) (2 Sets)

    Winning the Homework Battle (CD)

    Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats Up (CD)

    Love and Logic for Early Childhood (4 CD’s)

    Love and Logic:  Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers (CD)

    Painless Parenting for the Preschool Years (DVD)

    Tickets to Success (book)

    Humor, Play and Laughter:  Stress-Proofing Life

         With Your Kids (book)