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     P.E. Yearly Overview 




    2nd & 3rd

    4th & 5th


    August 17th

    Listening skills, verbal cues, gross motor practice, Team  Parachute activities

    Team building challenges, Playground games

    Team building/challenges, Playground games.

    Fitness: Function of the Heart

    Virtue Of the Month: CHARACTER

    September 1st

    Teaching an appropriate tag Red Red River, Flag Tag

    Golf skills, safety review, putting practice and games.

    Golf skills, safety review, swing practice, putting, chipping, lead-up games

    Fitness: Function of the Lungs

    History: of Golf

    September 15th

    Circle Chase, Go Fish Go, Scooters

    Football skills, Kickoff game.

    Catching/throwing football skills, flag football

    Reading : Chiefs news,

    History: of football

    Virtue Of the Month: DISCIPLINE

    October 1st

    Hula hoops, Fitness Test introduction


    Castleball, Fitness testing


    Fitness testing, Castleball



    Fitness: 3 components of fitness (Strength, flexibility, endurance)

    Wellness: Play, sleep, nutrition

    October 15th

    Batting, Throwing, catching skills. Home Run Derby

    Batting, Throwing, catching skills. 2 base baseball. 

    Baseball skills, 2 base baseball, 4 base Pickle, Wiffleball.

    Reading : Baseball playoffs/W.S.

    Math: Batting averages, multiplying

    Fitness/Science: Cardio-Vascular System

    Virtue Of the Month: RESPECT

    November 1st

    Cup stacking & Relays, Letter Touch.

    Frisbee throwing/catching skills, Frisbee Team Catch

    Frisbee skills, Ultimate Frisbee, Fitness test practice, upper body.

    History: 50's & Frisbee

    Math: Integrate Frisbee scoring


    November 15th

    Beginning Jump Rope skills

    Chase & Tag games.

    Single Jump Rope skills, single and partner

    Single, Double, and Team Jump Rope skills

    Fitness: Endurance w/ Jump Ropes

    Virtue Of the Month: HONESTY

    December 1st

    Line Kickball, Snowballs, Fenwick the Elf.

     Jump Rope skills, Volleyball skills

    Jump Rope skills, Volleyball

    Cultural Awareness: Seasonal games.

    Fitness: Leg Strength

    Virtue Of the Month: CONFIDENCE

    January 1st

    Scarf juggling, Three pin Bowling

    Obstacle Course, Aerobic Bowling

    Aerobic bowling.

    Problem Solving: Aspects of a team.

    Math: Scoring in Bowling

    Skills: Underhand throwing techniques

    January 15th

    Climbing Wall skills & Rules

    ½ wall, hoop, treasure challenge

    Climbing skills & Rules

    ½ & Full wall, hoop, team challenges

    Climbing skills & Rules

    Full wall, hoop, & team challenges

    Geography:  Tallest mountains on each continent

    Fitness: Function of muscles


    February 1st

    Pin guard, Zap, spacial awareness games.

    Dribbling, shooting, passing, defending B-ball skills

    Basketball skills, Hoop shoot, 3/3 play, knock out.

    Reading : NBA Basketball stories.

    History: Sport of Basketball

    Fitness: Agility & Endurance

    February 15th

    Winter games: Bob Sled races, XC skiing, "snowball" throw

    Floor Hockey Skills, keep away. 

    Floor hockey skills and play. 

    Reading : NHL stories, how to read box scores.

    History: Sport of Hockey, Winter Olympic History

    Skills: Implement control

    Virtue Of the Month: COMPASSION

    March 1st

    Tumbling, balancing,  & Rope Climbing, Bridges/tunnels.

    Tumbling & Rope Climbing

    Tumbling & Rope Climbing

    Balance, strength and agility: Obstacle course

    March 15th

    Dance activities, Rhythms, lummi sticks, Tininkling

    GeoFitness Games

    GeoFitness Games

    Cultural Awareness: Diversity in Dance.

    Virtue Of the Month: PERSEVERANCE

    April 1st

    Cooperative activities, Squirrels in the Trees

    Track & Field lead-ups, pacing

    Track & Field events

    Environmental Awareness:Conservation

    History: of Summer Olympics

    April 15th

    Eye/foot skills, kicking skills, kickball

    Kickball & soccer

    Soccer, Human Growth & Development

    Geography: History of World Cup Soccer.

    Science: Growth & Development

    Math: Angles of attack in Soccer.

    Virtue Of the Month:

    May 1st

    Parachute Activities, Teamwork

    Fitness testing practice & Racquet Sports

    Fitness testing & Racquet Sports, Ping Pong.

    Reading & Problem solving: Assessing post fitness goals.

    Skills: Implement Control

    May 15th


    Tug of war

    Field Day Practice

    Orienteering, compass points, directional games. Field Day Practice

    Orienteering,  pacing & one mile run.

    Field Day Practice

    Fitness: Summer goals for Fitness

    Virtue Of the Month: SPORTSMANSHIP


    Additional PE Programs:

    ·   Families In Training running/walk program: Fall & Spring.

    ·  3rd, 4  th & 5th Grade Dad's PE nights in January 15, 22, & 29.

    ·   Jump for Heart party and fund raiser, Wednesday, Dec. 4th.

    Timber Creek Trout Fishing Day, Saturday, October 26th.

    May - TCE Family Golf Night