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  • Pivot : Today we will start some fun animation in Pivot. Use this video to get you started. The program is located in the resources folder. This is a free program; you could get it at home. Use this site as well for help.

     Go to my Teacher hanout folder to Launch the Program!!

    Pivot is located in my resources folder.  

     Your Task:Launch Pivot and Build 3 Animations (Samples below)

    • Open the Pivot Program: Using just one Stick man make him move using 15 frames.  His task is to move from one side of the screen to the other side changing colors at least once.  You can change your background or just leave it white.  Save it as a Piv file and also save as an Animated Gif in your folder named 15frame.

    • Animate your Name.  Start a New Animation, Delete Stickman or Delete that frame.  Go to File Load Figure Type. Same path as above.  Insert a Background or leave it white and Animate your Name so that each letter comes in on a new frame.  Play with Frame Rates. Save it as a Piv file and also save as an Animated Gif in your folder named name

    • Assignment:  Create a situation for a short animation  Use MS PAINT,or the web to create a backgroundUse PIVOT Stickfigure Animator to act out the situation. Create and import other stickman and create a 150 to max 200 slide presentation. No violence or Guns with Blood etc!!. Have fun. Save it as a Piv file and also save as an Animated Gif. Save to your folder as situation.

    • You need two stick characters or you can have just one figure that you created, performing an animation that shows a process. Ideas might include:

      • Rock Climbing 
        Planting a garden
        Riding a Donkey
        Playing a Game
        Building something
        Doing an Activity or Sport
        Think of something you already do. 
        · Frames should not repeat same motion than 5 fames.
        Watch this fun teacher tube video

    • * Save as Animated Gif Files. Also save the orginal piv file so you can go back and edit.



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