• Follow the link for a handbook detailing the most important information for our class. Let me know if you have any questions about it. 

    ABC's of Kindergarten

    Below you will find the NutSafer List for regulations on what kind of snacks you can pack for you child every single day!

    NutSafer List

    We will have a star student each week in our classroom. When it is your students' special week, here's what to expect!

    Monday/Tuesday: All About Me Poster

    Wednesday: Photos to Share

    Thursday: Show and Tell

    Friday: Bring in your Favorite Book

    The link will take you to the schedule for our star students.

    Star Student Schedule

    We will be learning a new virtue every month here at OTE. Click the link for a sneak peek at them!


    Want an overview of what your child will be learning this year in ELA, Science, & Social Studies? Follow the link to find out!

    Content Overview