• Blue Valley is proud of the continued academic achievement of our students.

    Blue Valley's ACT composite average for 2017 graduates was a 25.4 with approximately 90% of 2017 graduates taking the test. The state average was a 21.7. Additionally, 54% of Blue Valley graduates taking the exam met all four college readiness benchmarks in English, Math, Reading and Science.

    2017 Blue Valley graduates recorded another year of strong SAT scores while exceeding state and national averages. Blue Valley students scored on average 1345 on the test that measures math, verbal and writing skills. In Kansas the average is 1273 and nationwide the average is 1083 out of a possible 1600. The College Board, which administers the SAT, changed the format and scoring of the test recently. Thus, the scores are not comparable to previous years.


    Each student participates in a variety of assessments throughout the school year to obtain information to help identify new learning goals.


    Blue Valley students in grades 3-8, 10 and 11 will participate in the Kansas Assessment Program (known as KAP) in the areas of reading, math, social studies and/or science (areas tested vary by grade level). These assessments occur during the spring semester. Find information about the Kansas assessments in the parent guide.


    Blue Valley students participate in multiple assessment programs that provide benchmarks for national level performance. Students in K-8 take the NWEA MAP assessment in both reading and math. This assessment provides instructional data for teachers and measures individual student growth over time. Blue Valley students continue to show growth above what is predicted on a national average. More information is available here.

    High school students may choose to participate in the Advanced Placement examination program. These exams are offered after completion of an Advanced Placement course and are normed at a national level. Colleges and universities may accept scores on these exams as evidence of completion of designated coursework. Click here for more information on AP exams.

    High school students may also choose take the ACT assessment that provides performance data in English, mathematics, reading and science or the SAT assessment.

    About the ACT
    About the SAT

    These assessments measure what a student has learned in high school and helps determine academic readiness for college.


    The OECD Test for Schools, based on PISA, has been administered in Blue Valley since it was first offered (2012-13). In that short time, average scores have already increased, placing Blue Valley among the top international scorers. The next administration of this assessment in Blue Valley will be in the 2018-2019 school year. The detailed data from the testing company provides powerful instructional information for both middle and high schools. Learn more about the OECD Test for Schools here.

    The National Student Clearinghouse provides information about Blue Valley graduates. The percentages of Blue Valley students enrolling, remaining and graduating from college continue to be well above the national average. This college-readiness data is complemented by the high percentage of students who participate in college-credit bearing courses during their experience at the various Blue Valley high schools.

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