• Strategic plan poster

    A sharp focus on students, a clear vision for academic and personal growth, and community insight to illuminate the path to excellence - these key ingredients make up the heart of Blue Valley Schools' Strategic Plan, Reimagining Learning | Changing the World. Built upon the successes of the previous strategic plan—a plan that has guided the district toward extraordinary achievement and established a thriving culture of collaboration and excellence— Reimagining Learning | Changing the World serves as the lens through which Blue Valley Schools approaches its mission of unprecedented academic success and unparalleled personal growth for every student.


    Reimagining Learning | Changing the World


    We will improve the personal growth and academic achievement of each student.


    1. Action Orientation - Blue Valley Schools, we must be ready, willing and able to take practical action to implement programs, processes and policies to achieve our collective goal.

    2. Academic Achievement - A staple in the history of Blue Valley Schools, academic achievement will remain a focus and a primary goal of our strategic work. However, we will redefine the outcomes and experiences that comprise our new vision of academic achievement for our students, staff and community. 

    3. Whole Child - Our goal in pursuing the personal growth of each and every learner will ensure a healthy, safe, supportive, engaging and challenging experience for all. This whole child approach will provide all learners with world-class tools, opportunities and methods for learning.
    4. All Means ALL - Our culture will be one of “Yes” and doing whatever it takes to ensure ALL learners achieve at their highest levels. We will not fail any learner to become the very best version of himself or herself. Our students and staff will be transformed by their personal and professional learning experiences in Blue Valley Schools. 

    5. Innovation - Blue Valley Schools will be guided by a continuous process of iterative practices. Every experience in our schools will be an opportunity to succeed and fail, but in all instances, an opportunity to learn and grow.