What is Naviance Family Connection?

    Naviance Family Connection is a web-based program that facilitates college and career readiness activities for students. It includes elements in future planning, career investigation, college research and exploration, course planning, resume building and the college application process. This program facilitates Blue Valley Schools' process of sending student transcripts to colleges for college applications.


    When does my child use Naviance Family Connection?

    Blue Valley Schools' counselors implement most aspects of Naviance Family Connection with students during the school day. In addition, some teachers use the research tools for college and career exploration. The web-based system is available to 6th - 12th grade students anytime they want to access it, from school or at home.


    Why should I activate my parent account in Naviance Family Connection?

    Parents can activate their accounts in order to review the work their child is doing toward college and career planning. Parents can also provide their child with comments and suggestions for colleges, careers and courses via the program. The system allows parents to review all the work the student completes in the program, facilitating conversations about future planning throughout middle and high school. Blue Valley Schools supports parents' active engagement with their children in these processes.


    How do I access Naviance Family Connection?

    Each school has a unique website for this program. When your child starts at middle school and high school, you will receive emails about setting up your parent account. If you need to activate your parent account or have questions about the program, you can email the site manager for your child's school. If you have students in multiple schools, contact the specific site manager for each school.


    To learn about the work middle school students complete in Naviance Family Connection, view the Naviance Family Connection for Middle School video. If you have questions about your child's use of Naviance Family Connection, please contact your child's counselor.


    Supporting documents

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