Each day LVE 5th graders, with the guidance of  LVE staff, produce a morning announcement program in the LVE Broadcast Studio! There are 6 different jobs: Anchor, Reporter, Audio Mixer, Video Mixer, Computer Design and Pledge of Allegiance Coordinator/All School Announcer.

    The Anchor, Reporter and Computer Design participants must be in the Broadcast Studio by 8:00 a.m. The Audio Mixer, Video Mixer and Pledge participants must be in the Broadcast Studio by 8:15 a.m. Broadcast participants will be assigned to work in the Broadcast Studio on a rotating basis and the length of each student's assignment will depend on the number of 5th-grade students applying. The previous broadcast crew will train the new participants on their first day in the studio.

    Each student will have the opportunity to work in the broadcast studio at least two different shifts, once in the first half of the school year and once in the second half of the year. All interested 5th-grade students are invited to apply for Broadcast Studio jobs that most interest them.

    Broadcast Studio application