• Due to our current situation with COVID-19, there have been some additional changes regarding this year’s Blue Valley Service Award. 

    Below you will find a list of questions and answers that have been brought to our attention:


    Q: Should I still submit my service log?


    • A: Yes! You will complete the google form (link below) with your email address, first/last name, current grade and attach a PDF of your service log to your submission for review. 



    Q: Can I submit my service log? 


    • A: YES! Complete the google form and attach a PDF of your service log.


    Q: How will I be recognized for completing my service hours?


    • A: Due to our recent situation with COVID-19, recognition will look different for students this year. There will not be a ceremony at Hilltop this year, however, all students with credible service hours will earn a Blue Valley Service Award certificate. 


    Q: When will I receive my BVSA certificate? 


    • A: We aren’t able to confirm an exact time/day at this time, but we will distribute certificates to all who earn them at some point in the fall.


    Q: Is the district going to recognize the top 4 students per building who completed the highest number of credible community service? 


    • A: No. Due to our current situation with COVID-19, the district has decided that we will not recognize the top 4 students in each building with the highest number of hours. Instead, our focus will be on each individual’s completion of service hours.

    While many of the current changes to the BVSA are out of our control at this time, we do appreciate your flexibility and understanding. If you have additional questions about the BVSA, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].