• Blue Valley’s High School Continuous Learning Plan provides at-home learning opportunities and supports students in new ways. The plan focuses on personalizing the lessons for students, engaging students and providing feedback.

    Families play an important role in continuous learning. Understanding what is expected of your student, creating a daily schedule and identifying a dedicated learning space are some ways to support continuous learning.


    At the high school level, students will have an every-other-day block-type schedule Monday-Thursday, with Friday set aside as a workday for students and staff. All instructional resources will be posted on Canvas no later than 9 a.m. each morning, and students will be asked to complete daily activities on their own schedule.

    Teachers will have the option to host “live” instruction, or synchronous activities, as they see fit through platforms like Zoom or Canvas Conferences. The schedule below designates on which days which classes’ assignments will be posted and the time slots for synchronous activities. Teachers will hold daily office hours where they will be available for students and families to reach out with questions. 

    NOTE:  The synchronous activity schedule was created to avoid conflicts when teachers choose to conduct “live” activities.  Teachers are NOT expected to be actively teaching during these times.

    High School Schedule


    If your child is on an IEP, a 504 plan or is receiving special education supports, special education case managers will be contacting families to discuss specifics of the continuous learning plan. In short, a Temporary Individualized Learning Plan (TILP) will be collaboratively developed and implemented while the district is using the continuous learning model. That plan will be discontinued and the previous IEP document will reinstate when we resume normal school operations. A TILP will not be created for students on a gifted IEP, however case managers will be in touch with students and communication about enrichment activities will be provided.

    At the middle and high school level, any support scheduled as a class period will continue with that teacher providing content and learning activities for students (i.e. reading support, math strategies, etc.). If the supports were intermittent and not formally scheduled, the service provider will be in touch to discuss what that looks like in this continuous learning model. If you are concerned, please reach out directly to the teacher and feel free to include the building administrator on that message.


    High school students should be able to complete all instruction from home on their district-provided Mac. If you do not have access to WiFi from your home, please send your school principal an email and he or she will work with you to ensure you receive the instruction in a different format. If your student needs technology support on their district-provided device, they can submit a help ticket to BV Care online.

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