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Blue Valley is looking forward to welcoming students back to school. Student health and safety are top priorities this fall. The information provided here gives details about the modifications to the in-person setting students and families should expect this fall. While comprehensive, this information is also subject to change based on local health officials’ guidance.

Infographic explaining information listed below regarding in-person learning

As the year progresses and based activity of the COVID-19 virus in our community, the in-person setting may adjust. Students in the in-person setting may also experience periods of distance learning or a hybrid (limiting capacity) model.



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    IN-PERSON + VirtualED

    (High School Only)

    Person standing in front of a school with a wifi symbol to represent hybrid learning


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    In-person school will be with modifications to the physical space and learning experiences.

    High school students can take virtual courses in conjunction with their in-person courses as they have in the past. Students who choose this option should be aware that enrollment will be limited by the space available at their home school and within the VirtualED courses. For detailed information, go to the registration page or click on the information button below.

    If there were to be a school or district building closure, students and teachers will switch to Distance Learning. During periods of distance learning, students will be in the same courses with the same teachers as their in-person schedule. More information about Distance Learning.

    In the event that state or county health officials enact gating criteria to reduce total building occupancy, Blue Valley would move to a hybrid model. A hybrid model combines the In-Person Learning with modifications model and at-home learning. Students enrolled in VirtualED will continue with VirtualED. For more information about the hybrid model (limited capacity), go to the hybrid web page.



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