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  • In the event the Blue Valley is in the yellow gating criteria level or orange gating criteria level, the hybrid (limiting capacity) could be used as a learning mode. A hybrid model combines the In-Person Learning with Modifications model and at-home learning. Students enrolled in VirtualED will continue with VirtualED. 

    In a hybrid learning environment, occupancy is reduced to:

    • Assist with social distancing
    • Assist with mitigation of spread of the virus



    Elementary School

    Students will follow an AA - All Distance Learning - BB cycle with Wednesday as a day of distance learning day for all In-Person Learning students. In this model, the schedule may not be the same on the days students are in-person learning, distance learning and at-home learning. This is to be expected as teachers will prioritize small group learning while students are in school. Regardless of the setting, students should be expected to engage in a full school day of activities. Students will engage in synchronous, direct instruction from their teacher two days per week. On Wednesdays, students will experience full class and small-group synchronous instruction, asynchronous assignments and opportunities for personalized/small group assistance with the teacher. During at-home learning days, students will have direction from the classroom teacher(s) which could include recorded videos, asynchronous activities and recorded lessons from specials teachers.

    The assignment to an A attendance day or a B attendance day is dependent upon the last name of the oldest child in the family. Parents can anticipate further communication about this model from principals to assist with preparation if we were to utilize a Hybrid model.

    The alphabet spread is as follows: 

    • A Attendance Days: A – L 
    • B Attendance Days: M – Z

    Specific details around at-home learning are still being defined. Daily assignments/activities will be posted by an agreed-upon time daily for access by the cohort of students that are at-home learners within the cycle.


    Middle and High School

    The middle and high school hybrid schedule will alternate AA/BB and will not include the distance learning day in the current elementary hybrid model. While this alternating pattern means the in-person and at-home days will look different each week, this schedule offers maximum in-person time which we know is a priority for our families. The assignment to an A or B attendance day is dependent on the last name of the oldest child in the family--Group A is last names A-L and Group B is last names M-Z. 


    It is important to note that at-home learning days will look different than Distance Learning days. At-home learning days will include a scheduled “check-in” once per day, asynchronous work equivalent to what would be done in class and could include Zoom sessions with the in-person class.  

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