Fashion and Apparel I: Explores basic fashion concepts through project based learning. Guest speakers, field trips, color, line and design, fashion personality, and fashion design

    Fashion and Apparel II**: Further explores fashion through a fashion show, entreprenuership, visual merchandising, image management, fashion design, careers in fashion, guest speakers, and field trips (pre-requisite: Fashion and Apparel I)

    Interior Design I: Projects pertaining to color, elements and principles of design, guest speakers, field trips, interior design trends and design your favorite room

    Interior Design II**:  Projects pertaining to housing styles/accessories, furniture styles, entreprenuership, various design projects, field trips, and guest speakers. (pre-requisite: Interior Design I)

    Child Development and Human Growth I: Focuses on all stages of a child's development from birth through preschool, includes observation of children

    Child Development and Human Growth II**: Builds on the student's understanding of the developmental stages of children and adults, beginning with the adolescent years. (pre-requisite: Child Development and Human Growth I)

    Food Decisions: Emphasis on preparing healthy meals, snacks, and nutrition

    Culinary Essentials: Introduction to food preparation

    Culinary Arts I**:  Increase cooking skills and learn about regional cuisines (pre-requisite: Culinary Essentials)

    Culinary Arts II**:  Increase cooking skills in professional food preparation including catering (pre-requisite: Culinary Arts I)

     ** designates courses that have a prerequisite