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    4th Grade Information

General Information

  • I hope we will be able to work together to help our students have a successful fourth grade year. Parents will be contacted if there is a celebration or concern. Please call or write a note if you have a question about something that is happening at school. I will keep you informed through weekly online newsletters.

Assignment Notebooks

  • Students are responsible for recording assignments in their planners each day.  This is reviewed before the end of every day. It is the students' responsibility to have their planner signed by a parent or guardian each evening.


  • You are welcome to send a healthy and nut free snack (the approved snack list can be found on the Cedar Hills Website) with your child each day. They are allowed to eat their snacks after specials.  Water is the only acceptable drink to have in the classrooms.


  • Your child is welcome to bring in treats to celebrate his or her birthday.  All food brought into the classroom needs to be listed on the nut safer snack list (can be found on the CHE website). Treats will be served at 3:00pm after recess. If your child has a summer birthday, they may bring treats for their half birthday or during the month of May.

Coin System

  • 4th grade has established a coin system in our classrooms where students may earn or lose coins.  Each student has the opportunity to earn coins for demonstrating Blue Valley Virtues.  Each student may lose coins that are given for inappropriate behavior.  Approximately once every 2 weeks our class will hold coin redemption, where students will have the opportunity to redeem their coins for various items and rewards.  This is a tool used for promoting or discouraging behavior and responsibility.  We feel that by integrating the coin system we provide rewards and consequences that allow students to take responsibility for their actions.



  • Volunteers are always welcome in our classroom. Please do not hesitate to sign up for a particular day on our calendar located ourside the classroom.   You may also email me if you are unable to come by the classroom to sign up.  You can also stop by whenever you are available.  We would all love to see you!

Book Orders

  • Book order forms will come home approximately once a month.  If you choose to order, please make a check out to the book club you are ordering from.  I will let students know when order forms are due back.