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    Protecting Kids Online: Borrowed from Safety Tips KS FBI Workshop and RU Cyber Safe Tips from CTAP4.org Cyber Safety (Thank YOU!)

  • Bullying Assembly 8/23/2011 Notes...
    When bullies are messing with you it confuses your mind, thus you often fall into their trap by name calling or fighting back...instead.

    5 things to do with bullying behavior: 1) Take it slow - take deep breaths; 2) Stand tall and true; 3) Get a buddy; 4) Just Ignore-"whatever" 5) Shield Alive

    Bullying is abuse of power over and over to make someone feel bad.

    General three people are involved: bully; target; witness fighting for power: physical power; verbal power; emotional power (most often)

    93% of bullying is in front of other kids

    7% is in front of adults

    Students need to be encouraged to report it to an adult as this is not being a tattle tale its a good thing.

    When bullying is uncool it will stop!

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    Safety Tips:

    1. Never meet someone you first met online.

    2. Never give out identifying information (address, phone, etc.)

    3. Never open emails or pictures from unknown sources.

    4. Never upload pictures to people you don't know or websites.

    5. Never respond to messages from strangers.

    6. If on a social networking site mark your profile private!

    7. Don't project yourself in an unfavorable or false manner.

    8. Always check with a parent before ordering anything online.

    9. Keep you passwords private!

    10. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable tell a trusted adult!

    11. Use "Street Smarts" in Cyberspace!


    Inappropriate Content

    1. Use the back button or turn off the screen if you find material that makes you uncomfortable.

    2. Don't download suspicious files.

    3. Use school-friendly search engines and websites; ask your teacher or librarian for help.


    Bullying Tips:

    1. Don't escalate - Keep your COOL!

    2. Report abuse to a trusted adult, Parent or Teacher.

    3. Keep messages(text,emails,screenshots,IM logs,blogs,etc.) for evidence.

    4. Don't respond to or meet with a cyber bully.

    5. Block user when able to from communicating with you.

    6. If you wouldn't say it face to face, don't say in online or pass it on.


    Privacy & Plagiarism

    1. Downloading, copying or sharing music, movies or photos without permission is illegal.

    2. Understand what "Fair Use" is.

    3. If you are copying and or pasting you must site the source, if you don't your plagiarizing work.


    Social Networks:

    1.  Site operators verify the age of all their users to keep anyone under the age of 16 or 18 off those sites entirely.  So if your not 16 stay off , unless parents give permission and monitor your usage! 

    2. Make sure and get parental permission before joining a social network!

    2. Set your profile to private!

    3. Never post a picture of yourself, use something else that you like (i.e. cute puppy picture).

    4. Don't be affraid to report any offensive postings.

    5. Know who is on your friends list.


    Be WISE and Keep SAFE!