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    Each 2nd grader will be expected to turn in a Library Calendar at the end of each month. On average, your child should be reading and logging approximately 20 minutes each day.  Throughout the year we will be sending home activities to enhance your child’s motivation to read at home.


    The new enVisions Math series allows for many opportunities to send home games and reinforcements throughout the week. We suggest creating a folder to keep these games in at home so you can access them throughout the year.  Practicing Math facts DAILY at home will be crucial!


    Coming soon....Edmodo will be introduced to students and some assignments will be posted and completed through this online program.

    Throughout the week students should be practicing Spelling words for a Thursday Spelling Test. Incorporating these words into writing activities provides an additional challenge to weekly spelling. There are many online resources and apps available for practicing spelling words. This is a fun way for students to practice each week.

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    In Second grade we focus on a Blue Valley Virtue each month. Students will be able to earn Virtue stickers throughout the month for displaying the Virtues. At the each day, the students have the opportunity to earn a Virtue sticker based upon choices made throughout the school day.


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    Your child is welcome to bring treats for his/her birthday. You may send the treats at the beginning of the day with your child. We will celebrate birthdays towards the end of the school at NOON. PLEASE VISIT THE CHE WEBSITE TO OBTAIN A LISTING OF APPROVED "PEANUT SAFER" TREATS!

    All treats should be ready to serve and it would be a great help if you would send napkins and any utensils needed.  Students with summer birthdays are more than welcome to celebrate their "half" birthdays.  There are 23 students in our class this year.




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     Our school counselor will be visiting each class twice a month.  She will be working with students to reinforce the Blue Valley Virtues.  The skills and concepts she teaches are a valuable part of the learning process. 

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    Parent Volunteers

    Parents are always welcome to volunteer in our classroom.  If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom please contact your child's teacher. We truly appreciate your time and support.

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    Each class will visit the library once per week.  Mrs. Bettis will teach weekly lessons related to the topics we are studying in 2nd grade.  Students will be able to check out 3 books per week.  Students will also be able to visit the Library independently during the week to return and check out new books. 

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    Book Orders

    Book order forms will come home approximately once a month.  If you choose to order, please make a check out to the book club you are ordering from.  Separate checks are needed for each different club you are ordering from.