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    5th Grade

  • Whether it is the gold at the end of the rainbow or the light at the end of the tunnel, 5th graders can see the end of elementary school in sight. Some students are so anxious to leave that they forget they still have some lessons to learn so we have to reel them back into the classroom for a few more months.  Other students are anxious about that transition to middle school and we offer many steps to calm their fears.

    After a refresher on the BV Virtues, guidance lessons, which are 30 minutes, every other week, will cover topics of bullying, internet safety, peer pressure, gossip/rumors, cliques, making good choices, and stress management.  We will spend some time talking about and take a visit to Oxford Middle School during Spring semester. With the help of some donated padlocks, we even take time to learn the mechanics of doing a combination lock so that everyone can be successful and relieve their stress about having a locker.

    Growing bodies need lots of rest and good food to stay healthy and alert.  Maintaining routines at home and finding an organization system that works for your child is key to their successful transition from elementary to middle school.