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    Welcome To Cottonwood Point Elementary School 

    It is an exciting time but can also be a little tearful for students and parents as their child ventures into being a student at school.  Some children take it in stride after a week or two and others may need a little extra support.  Don't be surprised if there is a little setback after winter break and spring break.  This is all perfectly normal.

    I will see your child every week for 20 minutes in a whole group lesson about the Blue Valley Virtues of Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Kindness, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Perseverance, and Courage.  Other topics we will cover are: getting along, sharing, teasing/bullying, friendship, problem solving, and a first look at careers.  Lessons may include reading a story, watching a video, playing a game, doing a worksheet, singing a song, or dramatic play.  Please ask your child what they learned during the Counselor lesson this week.

  • Starting school is a milestone for children and their parents.  As the counselor, I will work with families to relieve the fears and dry the tears as needed. Most students make the transition from home to school by the first month and then have another adjustment between semesters and after Spring Break.  All of this is perfectly normal and part of their social/emotional development.

    In Kindergarten, we will discuss manners, feelings, friends, making good choices, stranger danger, and learning to share.  Students are introduced to the Blue Valley Virtues of Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Kindness, Self Discipline, Honesty, Courage, and Perseverance. Our guidance lessons may take the form of reading a story, playing a game, acting with puppets, doing a worksheet, putting together a puzzle, or singing a song.  Please ask your child what they talked about during Counselor time which is 20 min. every week.