• Available to All Students (
    See the Course Description Guide)

    • Philosophy:  Interdisciplinary course that studies philosophy including the nature of being, the nature of knowledge, the nature of aesthetics (beauty), the nature of ethics (morality), and political philosophy.  Open to all grade levels.
    • ACT/SAT Test Preparation:  Designed to teach strategies that can enable a student to increase SAT and ACT test scores.  Content is not taught although some is reviewed.  Fee of $100 covers the cost of materials used.  Open to juniors/seniors 1st semester and sophomores/juniors 2nd semester. 

    Available for Eligible Students (based on need, audition, or application)

    • Special Education:  Students with an Individualized Education Plan may enroll in Study Skills or Gifted Education , as applicable.  Students with an IEP may also be eligible for the Career Development Opportunity Program (CDOP) and Transition into Postsecondary Setting (TIPS) classes.  Consult the counselor, case manager, or transition specialist for more details.

    • Reading Strategies:  Available for students who need additional assistance in developing reading strategies.  The Scholastic Read 180 program (Stage C) will be used.  See a counselor for more details.  

    • Limited English Proficiency:  Students who have emigrated from a foreign country and are not proficient in the English language may enroll in Limited English Proficiency course work.

    • Peer Tutoring:  Students can apply to assist semi-independent and/or English language learners.  Contact a counselor for more information about applying for this course.  Open to all grade levels with accepted application.

    • AVID:   Students selected for the AVID program may enroll in the AVID class.  See a counselor for more details or questions.

    • GAP Study Hall:  Open for select students who may benefit from a stuctured study hall environment.  Contact a counselor for more details.  Open to all grade levels on an as-needed basis but does not earn credit toward graduation.

    • Office, Counseling, Media Center, or Teacher Aide:  Students, upon approval, may assist in the front office, counseling office, library media center, or in a teacher's classroom.  Only 1 unit of aide credit may count toward graduation.  Available to students in grades 10, 11, or 12.  Contact a counselor or administrator to apply.

    • Cheerleading, Drill Team:  These courses are available through an audition process.  See the Student Activities and Student Services section of the Course Description Guide for specific information about credit.  Counselors will assist with schedule adjustments if a student is selected for one of these classes.

    • Johnson County Technical Education Partnership:  See a counselor or the Technical Education section of the Course Description Guide for specific opportunities as available.