• Performing Arts: Theatre

  • Performing arts includes courses in three areas:  music, communications, theatre (including debate/forensics) 
    Each of the three areas are addressed separately in the navigation links to the left.

    If you have additional questions, refer to the Performing Arts Section of the Course Description Guide.

  • FRESHMEN YEAR - Suggested Classes

     Beginning Acting (Also available for 10, 11, 12)

    Skills in improvisation, theatre games, scene work, monologues, theatre history are covered. Students act in student directed productions for an audience.  All students have an opportunity to join the International Thespian Society, BVN Troupe # 4151.

    Forensics (Also available for 10, 11, 12)

    Actors improve their craft by competing at forensics tournaments.  Students in drama compete in Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Duet Acting, Duo Interpretation as well as Prose and Poetry Interpretation. Students are required to attend four tournaments per semester. Tournaments are held on Saturdays. State Championship is May.

    Students who are interested in pursuing a technical theatre track as Freshmen should enroll in:  

    Beginning Stagecraft (Also available for 10, 11, 12)

    Beginning Stagecraft is an introduction to each of the technical areas of the theatre. Students may work backstage on the school musical, the spring play, the annual dance team show, the Mustang Variety Show,  and/or a school talent show. Students in each successive year should enroll in Advanced Stagecraft, which would include their continued involvement in theatre and the backstage elements as well as the beginning of  set design. 

    Speech I (Also available for 10, 11, 12)

    Speech I introduces the student to public speaking, group communication dynamics and discussion.  The student develops self-confidence and professional life skills in communication.

    Speech II (Also available for 10, 11, 12)

    Speech II continues the study of communication, developing critical thinking, persuasion and delivery skills.  The student develops confidence in communication situations.


  • SOPHOMORE YEAR (Suggested Classes)

    Advanced Acting (Also available for 9, 11, 12)

    Students have the opportunity to direct Beginning Acting students in scenes with Repertory Theatre students as mentors. Students also study acting theory, theatre history and classic scene work from specific plays. Students in Advanced Acting also produce their own new play, never before produced.  

    Advanced Forensics
    (Also available for 11, 12)

    Advanced Forensics is a continuation of the work begun in Beginning Forensics with the same events and tournament requirements. Tournaments are held on Saturdays. State Championship is May.

    Auditions for Repertory Theatre (Juniors/Seniors) occur each February.  

  • JUNIOR & SENIOR YEARS (Suggested Classes)


    Repertory Theatre (11, 12)


    The Repertory Theatre Class produces their own productions during the school year along with participating in Forensics.  Students are also required to attend the State Thespian Conference.


    Media and Popular Culture (Also available for 9, 10, 11, 12)


    This is a non-performance course open to all students.  There are units on a wide variety of topics including: 1) the historical development of radio, television and film; 2) advertising; 3) popular trends in music; 4) electronics; 5) elements of comedy and much more.  Students have the opportunity to watch historic films.  Grading elements include but are not limited to: discussion, writing and group presentations. 

  • Additional Opportunities for ALL Students:

    • All School Musicals: Auditions each November for an early February performance date
    • Intergenerational Project in conjunction with Advanced Acting
    • Comedy Troupe Auditions in August/Performs 4 time throughout the year
    • Spring break trips (past destinations included New York and London)
    • Student Directed Projects
    • Social Justice - Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat
    • Annual State Thespian Conference
    • Forensics Participation
    • International Thespian Festival
    • CFL and NFL District and National Tournaments
    • John Lentz Scholarship (Seniors Only)